Just showing off…

Hello, readers!

So, no recipe today… but I GOT A NEW TOY!!! It’s a silicone mini loaf pan, and I’m basically in love. It’s a very lightweight 100% silicone (it passed the “pinch test”) mini-loaf-sheet-thingy. And it is the best non-stick silicone I have ever used, I kid you not. Probably because it’s so thin and flexible.

Or maybe I actually put enough oil in. Whatever.

But yeah. I kindof went a little overboard with the baking (and eating baked goods) today…

Mini loaves of two types of bread and a mini-loaf silicone sheet
Mini Loaves of various sorts.

The two types of bread pictured include a normal (for me) variation on a yeast bread (except, you know, with that leftover nut flour I made, a bit of flax, and estimation on the salt…). The others are a slightly sweeter bread. I got inspired by an idea I saw for a strawberry quick-bread that used strawberry puree, and so I mixed up a bit of a berry puree thingy with some water and milk to get the proper fluid amount that the beer-bread recipe called for. I also added a handful of dried cranberries.

I baked the berry-bread at about 350 (I think, maybe 375) for about 15-20 minutes, or until it looked done. (I know. So helpful…)

The result is delicious. I have had waaaay too many of those mini-loaves today.

I’m definitely going to make some mini beer-breads with this new pan! And other quick breads. And normal breads. And who knows what else, because this mini-loaf-sheet-thingy is fantastic. (California Kitchen, by the way, if you’re interested.)

So, yeah. Have a great day!

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