Water Deluxe with a variation


Today’s recipe is an excellent summer recipe. Possibly even comparable to the double-coolmint chocolates. It requires a few more ingredients, but it takes a bit less time. So, yeah. This is an excellent Summer drink:

Water Deluxe

Ingredients / Required Serving Implements

  1. 1 Cup of desired size
  2. Lemon Juice
  3. Ice (optional. I generally haven’t used this, but it should work.)
  4. Straw (semi-optional)


  1. Put ice and water into the cup
  2. Pour an appropriate squirt of lemon juice into the cup, according to taste preference. Just enough to make it slightly tangy works.
  3. Stir around (Why the straw is only semi-optional. A spoon would also work)
  4. Let sit for a few minutes to let flavors combine
  5. Enjoy (non-optional).

Variation 1

  1. In addition to the lemon juice, cut or shred a small amount of ginger.
  2. Place the ginger into the cup of the original recipe Water Deluxe.
  3. Stir
  4. Enjoy

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